Saturday, May 30, 2015

Taibbi Takes Down...

...disgraced reporter Judith Miller, and it's a beaut. Miller, you may recall, was the preeminent media voice who, by way of her cushy perch at the New York Times, propelled much of the propaganda the Bush administration ginned up during the bygone days of the early aughts to cement its case for attacking Iraq. That case collapsed in on itself once it became clear what a debacle Iraq was shaping up to be, and Miller was rightly excoriated for her part in it, dropping from the public eye shortly thereafter. Now the former reporter is hoping to rehab her image by way of a self-serving tome titled The Story, which she no doubt hopes will whitewash her key role in one of the biggest military debacles in our country's history. Thankfully, Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi is here to make sure she doesn't try to escape that culpability.

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