Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nostalgia Theater: Free Spirit Edition

Free Spirit is a show that aired briefly from late 1989 to slightly-later 1989. As yet another entry in the catalogue of sci-fi/fantasy sitcoms pumped out during the '80s, it didn't quite manage the inexplicable longevity of either Out of This World or *shudder* Small Wonder. Instead, it aired for a brief fourteen episodes on ABC before disappearing down the memory hole and being replaced by the then-new America's Funniest Home Videos, which enjoyed much greater success for the network. In others words, audiences preferred to watch people being repeatedly hit in the groin with baseball bats than Free Spirit. Here's the title sequence, which I swear to God I'd think was a postmodern Too Many Cooks-style parody if I hadn't actually witnessed several episodes of the thing with my very own eyes:

If the intro doesn't make it clear, Free Spirit starred Corinne Bohrer as a witch named Winnie, who magically appears on the doorstep of single dad Thomas Harper (Franc Luz), serving as nanny/housekeeper for his brood of assembly-line kids (including a pre-Buffy, pre-HIMYM Allyson Hannigan). Naturally "hilarious" antics ensue as Winnie tries to keep her powers secret from dad Thomas, all the while engaging in lots of "will they or won't they?" banter. Bewitched, this ain't. Free Spirit didn't last long enough to answer that question, but it does have the distinction of being voted worst show on TV by contemporaneous critics. Based on the video above, I can't imagine why.

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