Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nostalgia Theater: Morning Funnies Cereal -- Putting the "Mourn" in "Morning"

Here's another entry to add to the already-voluminous catalog of "The Crap We Ate." Morning Funnies is a short-lived cereal produced by Ralston, noted maker of short-lived cereals, that had a run of less than a year between 1988 and 1989. In a novel twist on the traditional approach to marketing breakfast food, the folks at Ralston dispensed with things like "taste" and "nutritional value" for Morning Funnies. Instead, its appeal was entirely predicated on what it came in. Here, watch this:

See, thanks to a licensing agreement with King Features, which syndicated newspaper strips like Beetle BaileyH├Ągar the Horrible, etc. Ralston covered the back of the box (plus the additional space afforded by a fold-open back-flap) with all the great newspaper comics that kids loved to the 1960s. Presumably the pitch was that they could sit down at the breakfast table, pour themselves a bowl of sugary death, and laugh themselves silly at the antics of The Family Circus before heading off to school. Seriously, I'm amazed that this stuff didn't last.

Thanks to the print ad above, which appeared in various comic books at the time, I was actually one of the very few who partook. And I remember exactly one morning of "Man, look at all these great comics I get to read while I eat!" followed by several weeks of apathetic grunts as I glanced at the same damn Hi and Lois comic for the umpteenth time. In a further irony, we used to buy American cereals to take back to Saudi with us, and Morning Funnies happened to make the cut that year. Of course, to save space in our suitcases we'd toss the boxes, thus removing the single reason to even buy it. Nothing funny about that.

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