Sunday, April 05, 2015

Nostalgia Theater: John Candy's Camp Candy!

This weekend marked my very first attempt at camping out with the boy, and while the relative success or failure of that endeavor is fodder for a separate conversation, it did get my mind flashing back to Camp Candy, a cartoon show that brought the comic stylings of the late, great John Candy to Saturday morning animation. Premiering in September of 1989 at the peak of his big screen stardom, Camp Candy was produced by our favorite crap factory DiC and aired as part of the same NBC lineup that included the short-lived Karate Kid cartoon. Here's the intro:

I don't have a lot of memories of this show, but the ones I do have are pleasant. Camp Candy was a harmless little thing that benefited inordinately from the boundless charm of the man at the center of the circus. With movies like The Great Outdoors and Summer Rental under his wing by then, Candy had by then cemented a screen persona as a comedic outdoorsman, and it's obvious that's what this show traded on. The premise: John Candy ran a summer camp where he taught kids valuable life lessons while bringing the funny and outwitting baddies.

This was during a spell where we saw a whole host of animated offerings based on real people, but in a switch from the norm, Candy himself voiced his animated alter ego, and his everyman likability was enough to power Camp Candy through three seasons and forty eps. There was also a short-lived Marvel comic (above) that ran for six issues in 1990. Camp Candy aired originals through late '92, mere months before Candy unexpectedly passed away in March, 1994. Twenty-one years later, John Candy lives on through the many beloved entries on his filmography, and the heartwarming antics of Camp Candy are just one more reason to miss him.

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