Monday, April 20, 2015

I Wish I Hadn't Seen the New Jurassic World Trailer

Well, technically I didn't.

I got about forty-five seconds in, and it really started to feel like they were giving away the whole store before the sale even started. Thus, given my preexisting excitement level for this one (which is probably disproportionately high -- but seriously, dig that poster to the right! It's Chris Pratt! On a motorcycle! And there's Raptors!), I decided that I'd close it out and wait. At this stage I'm content to know that it involves Chris Pratt, Bryce Howard, and presumably dinosaurs of some sort running amok. I'm good with that. That said, my choices shouldn't affect yours, so I've put the embed just after the jump should you choose to partake, and by all means, let me know what you think. Me, I'll just wait to watch Jurassic World when it hits theaters this June.

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