Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fantastic Four Doesn't Look Bad

Man, the past few days have seen quite the rush of high profile trailers, and the hits keep coming! We've got a new one for Jurassic World hitting tomorrow, and Twentieth Century Fox just dropped our second look at August's Fantastic Four reboot. As per my new policy on these thing, I'm going dark from here on in with FF trailers, but everything I see here just affirms my feelings from the previous clip in January: Seems intriguing, don't recognize the characters. We also get our first looks at the Thing (above, pretty good) and Dr. Doom (awful). That said, the production design and cast are all top notch, so I'm definitely not going to write this off. It doesn't look bad. It really doesn't. I just wish they'd first tried to succeed with a version of the team that resembled their classic iterations before going all off-model.

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