Saturday, March 28, 2015

007 is Back! First Spectre Trailer Drops

With Paramount releasing a teaser for their next Mission: Impossible spy caper this past Monday, it seems somewhat appropriate that we closed the week with MGM offering up our first look at Spectre, the latest James Bond feature (number 24, if you're keeping count). We don't know much about the plot for the film, and the studio is understandably keeping things close to the chest this far out, but from the assemblage below it's clear that they're using the events of 2012's Skyfall as a pretty direct jump-off point as they re-introduce the evil SPECTRE organization back into the Bond canon. This is Daniel Craig's fourth go round as Our Man (is it already nine years since Casino Royale??), and the second time behind the camera for director Sam Mendes. Watch the trailer below, and look for the movie in theaters this November.

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