Monday, February 09, 2015

The Original Law & Order Returns?

Hmm, could be.

As longtime readers know, the cancellation of the Law & Order mothership by NBC in 2010, just as it wrapped up its twentieth season, was something of a gut punch for me. For two decades producer Dick Wolf's quintessential procedural skein had been a regular part of my TV diet, and while I still dig SVU and the various other spin-offs, nothing has ever come close to the qualitative consistency of that original show. It certainly didn't help when the ostensible replacement, Law & Order: LA was done-and-gone inside of a season, with the UK version appearing to have gone away as well.

That said, I've got 456 episodes of OG L&O to content myself with, and the very format is such that it was always in the back of my mind that it wouldn't be too hard for NBC to turn the "da-dunk" spigot back on if the fancy struck. And while nothing is set in stone just yet
, there's definite movement in that direction, with Deadline reporting over the weekend that the Peacock is eying some manner of limited run return for the original Law & Order that would bring back some of the series' heaviest hitters from seasons past.

Although Chris Noth and Sam Waterston are some of the most prominent names that have been mentioned, there's a virtual rolodex worth of stars who've played cops-and-lawyers in years past, many of whom have gone on to garner a fair amount of name recognition, who I could easily see coming together for a Law & Order dream team of sorts. (No Jerry Orbach or Dennis Farina, sadly.) Things are far too preliminary at this stage to get too excited by this just yet, but if things start happening, you can bet I'll be right here shouting the latest news at you.

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