Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aquaman Looks Awesome!

From the very beginning, when actor Jason Momoa was announced as the guy to wield Aquaman's trident in the upcoming Batman v. Superman and Justice League flicks, I've been down with the casting. Momoa made for a great Conan the Barbarian in an otherwise uneven film, and I was confident that his presence in the role would finally, decisively kill the "Aquaman is lame" chorus that's drowned the character (snicker) for decades now. And with director Zack Snyder's first reveal of Momoa as DC Comics' king of the oceans via Twitter, we see that they're not messing around. (The "seven" being united are the other league members, presumably.) It's a far cry from this, that's for sure! I've still got my concerns about how this film is gonna come together, but Aquaman ain't one of them. Dig it.

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