Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Ten Years on the Corner!

In all the workaday business of being a grownup, I forgot to note an anniversary of note yesterday, as I hit the ten year mark of maintaining and running this site. On November 4, 2004, my general dissatisfaction with George W. Bush getting re-elected prompted me to start Zaki's Corner, just so that I'd have my little piece of Internet real estate to vent my spleen about issues various and sundry, political and otherwise. Of course, there have been several more elections since then, some with preferred outcomes, some not so much, and I'm not gonna lie, I look back at some of those earlier political pieces where I was railing against the Bush administration, and I do cringe a little bit.

Not because I disagree with the sentiment, mind you, but because of the way many of those sentiments are expressed. I guess that's only natural when move from your mid-20s to your mid-30s, and are essentially keeping a semi-daily catalogue of that process. It's also interesting to see the issues that seemed so important to me back then which have floated off my radar, and the things that are currently on my front burner that I didn't spend much time on at all in the early goings. 

Regardless, being able to write here, to share time with you all, has been this amazing vehicle for both personal and professional growth in ways I never would have conceived of when I first started this whole operation. The Huffington Post happened because of this. Geek Wisdom happened because of this. The MovieFilm Podcast. Diffused Congruence. Real, lasting friendships have happened because of this. None of that is about me, mind you. It's about the loyal readers who've been with me since the beginning and who've jumped on since. Thanks to all of you for being with me on this trek. It's been ten years, but I don't have any intention of going anywhere just yet.

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