Sunday, November 02, 2014

Nostalgia Theater: One of the All-Time Greats

I woke up this morning with the unexplainable urge to binge-watch Looney Tunes cartoons while munching on a Hershey's bar. Well, not that unexplainable, as I happened to I re-discover the following commercial last night while spelunking through the cavernous recesses of YouTube (one of the joys of being hyper-caffeinated late Saturday night while the kids and the wife are asleep). I used to love this spot when I was a kid, watching Saturday AM cartoons in the early '90s (which is when it got heavy rotation), and I'm sure those of you of a similar vintage will feel those neurons a-firing once you click "play." Watch this:

One Year Ago in Nostalgia Theater: The Secret Force of Pole Position

Two Years Ago in Nostalgia Theater: James Bond Jr. Will Not Return

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