Wednesday, November 05, 2014

How Batman Finally Hit Home Vid

Just over two years ago, I wrote a Nostalgia Theater post fondly reminiscing about the 1960s Batman TV series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward. At the close of that piece, I mentioned the legal standoff that had prevented the show from coming to home video, a standoff that wasn't in danger of de-escalating anytime soon. Well, next week the day so many fans have hoped for is finally dawning, with the official, honest-to-goodness release of Batman in beautiful HD. While I was ecstatic when this news first broke earlier this year, I was also more than a little curious how the parties involved managed to cut through the Gordian tangle of legalese that had kept the Batmobile on blocks until now. Well, Jake Rossen at Wired has an in-depth article that looks at the multi-decade journey through the world of Hollywood contracts that got us to this point. Click here to read it.

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