Monday, November 24, 2014

Cracked Cosby

I've spent a lot of time discussing the many accusations swirling around Bill Cosby over on my Facebook page, but I realize I haven't talked about it here, mainly because it's such a horribly depressing story that I'm not sure what I can add to the conversation (especially given how I lionized The Cosby Show just a few months ago). That said, I did want to share a piece by Tom Reimann over at Cracked, who does a good job of bulls-eyeing why the charges against Cosby have taken on such traction now when they've been a part of the record since at least 2006, and been floating in the ether for quite a bit longer. Here's a relevant bit:
...the reason we let our collective amnesia cover for Cosby for the past decade is because of the position Cosby holds in our lives. Most of us grew up with Cosby, whether it be through his comedy albums, Fat Albert cartoons, or The Cosby Show (or, to a lesser extent, Ghost Dad). He's America's dad, a goofy, advice-dispensing patriarch that three generations of your family sat down together to watch. The thought that, this whole time, he might have secretly been one of the shittiest human beings to ever exist cuts us deep. When that first case was settled out of court, we seemed satisfied to treat the whole thing as a weird aberration and go on living our lives with our memories of him intact. After all, those 13 women were anonymous, and when you're talking about someone with as much public adoration as Cosby, "anonymous" might as well read "faceless liars." Now there are simply too many voices to ignore. 
Read the rest from Reimann here.

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