Saturday, July 05, 2014

Ramadan Reading

Beyond merely abstaining from eating and drinking, a major aspect of truly living Ramadan is to find a place of spiritual tranquility. A key part of that is limiting our anger, and being aware of its corrosive effects on ourselves and those around us. As part of a series of reflections at Time, Sohaib Sultan explains:
There are so many wisdoms from the Prophet specifically advising against anger — all reflecting the Qur’anic description of the righteous as those who “hold in check their anger” (3:134). The advice is much needed. Indeed, some of the worst actions committed by human beings — from killing to domestic abuse — are, at least partly, a result of unbridled anger. For most of us our anger and its potent manifestations tend to be so much more subtle — from showing someone a cold shoulder to de-friending them on Facebook.
For more, including three tips to help control your anger, jump here.

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