Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ramadan Reading

Beyond merely abstaining from food and drink, another important aspect of Ramadan is for Muslims to engage in spiritual contemplation, and becoming mindful of how they engage with the rest of the world. My friend Hind Makki reflects on this:
Millions of Muslims are spending the better parts of their nights reciting God’s Words throughout Ramadan, which is often referred to as the Month of Quran. We remind ourselves of these prophetic stories, of the critical importance of speech, of the sacred responsibility we have to seek the truth with gentleness and humility. 
So what does that mean for us today, when anyone with access to the internet has a platform to tell the world his or her thoughts. What is the responsibility we bear as Muslims to offer the world “good” speech? When we do we speak up and speak the truth, and when do we stay silent and keep the peace? How can we use the power of speech to teach or admonish without hurting others or closing their hearts?
For the answers to these questions, read on here.

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