Saturday, July 26, 2014

Idle Hands

As someone who often finds his twin identities as a lifelong Muslim and a lifelong pop-culture geek juxtaposed against each other in a variety of sometimes curious ways, I was struck this Sunday when two news stories crossed my social media feeds in rapid succession that involved eerily similar imagery—but with wildly different overtones.

First up, let’s start with the good stuff: Devin Faraci over at the film website dropped a bit of bombshell news of what he claims is the planned storyline for next year’s impending revival of the Star Wars franchise. If Faraci’s supposed scoop is legit and not just another geek rumor, Episode VII of the new trilogy will feature as a key plot point the severed hand of a familiar character clutching a lightsaber.

While I don’t know that what he has to say is particularly spoilerific—and, again, it’s not even confirmed at this point—I’ll abstain from posting details here just to preserve the surprise for those who want it. But honestly, if you’re anything like me, just hearing that tantalizing bit of teasing was enough to get the follicles on the back of your neck bolting upright by providing just one more piece of confirmation that we are indeed barrelling towards yet another visit to that galaxy far, far away.

So, yeah. That story got me excited. But then came the very next story in my news feed. And that one wasn’t so cool.

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