Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Some Kind of Muslim Harry Potter Curse"

The way the whole Bowe Bergdahl story has been playing out over the past few weeks has really been a sight to see. Now, just to be clear, there's obviously a story there as far as whether he did in fact abandon his post before his capture by Taliban forces, but those are all questions that can and no doubt will be answered in due time.

But the more interesting spectacle has been how the various appendages of Right Wing World have hustled to find some -- any -- way to turn the release of an American POW into an albatross to dangle around President Obama's neck. That would be impressive in general, but especially so on Fox News, where the air has been so thick with ignorant Islamophobia-by-implication that they've somehow managed to outdo their usual run-of-the-mill nastiness. Check out Jon Stewart's take from last night's Daily Show. Part one below, two and three after the jump.

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