Sunday, May 11, 2014

Remembering Community

After five years dancing on the razor's edge between cancellation and renewal, time finally ran out for NBC's Community this past week, with the Peacock announcing the demise of Dan Harmon's masterpiece of meta-comedic construction. I was singing the praises of this show from the very beginning (including here a few years ago) and my opinion has never wavered, even in the face of a fourth year that saw Harmon briefly removed from the stewardship of his creation. Now, five seasons and 97 episodes is hardly a failure, as the show will likely find a long and plentiful life in syndication and via streaming services, but it feels like a loss all the same. Here's a reflection piece by Matt Zoller Seitz that sums up pretty much exactly how I'm feeling now that one of my favorite shows of all time is (likely) coming to a close.

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