Tuesday, May 13, 2014

First Look: Affleck as Batman!

Last August the word first broke that Ben Affleck had been chosen to don the cape and cowl for Warner Bros.' big Batman vs. Superman team-up pic. Since then, the speculatron has been in overdrive about the much-anticipated project, currently set for release in May of 2016. My biggest question all along has been about what Affleck's bat-suit would look like. Knowing that fitness trainer extraordinaire Rehan Jalali was hard at work with the Argo Oscar winner (whose biceps are now so massive they're worthy of their own zip code), my suspicion all along was that this Batman would not be sporting the moulded armor worn by every other movie version of the character going back to Michael Keaton twenty-five (!!) years ago. And lo and behold, a tweet earlier today by director Zack Snyder confirmed this suspicion, giving us our very first look at the very comic book-inspired look for the latest big screen Bats. I am really digging this. So much so, in fact, that my enthusiasm for this flick just jumped by several degrees. For more on this, including our look at the latest Batmobile, jump over to The Hollywood Reporter.

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