Thursday, April 10, 2014

Colbert Replacing Letterman

When David Letterman announced his retirement from his long-running CBS talker last week, I had a sense that Stephen Colbert was probably at or near the top of a lot of folks' lists to replace him, but even so I didn't think Colbert would walk away from the very-successful platform he'd built for himself over the past decade via Comedy Central's The Colbert Report. Well, clearly I was wrong about that, as the Eye announced today that Colbert will ditch his finely-honed "right wing blowhard" persona, winding down The Colbert Report in eight months to step in as host of The Late Show following Dave's departure next year.

Given that Stephen Colbert, comedian, had a successful career long before he became Stephen Colbert, "pundit," and is practically unmatched by the current crop of talkers at improvising interesting banter with a variety of guests. I think he's a great choice. Plus, bonus, Rush Limbaugh is already furious over the selection, so double win. For more takes on this news, click here for late night maven Bill Carter's (he of two best-selling late night-centered tomes) coverage of the story, click here for statements from Colbert, CBS, Comedy Central, et al, and click here for always-insightful TV veteran Mark Evanier's perspective, and for more comments from me, jump over to my Facebook page.

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