Friday, April 11, 2014

Bruce Timm Returns for Batman's 75th

Remember the brilliant animated short the Warner Bros. team concocted last fall to celebrate Superman's 75th birthday? Well, this year DC's Dark Knight Detective hits that very same milestone, and the WB team has roped in Bruce Timm, the visionary stylist who guided the animated identity of the DC Universe for twenty-plus years, to create a new vignette to mark the occasion. Unlike the Superman short, which took us on a flying tour of the many looks of the Man of Steel through the decades, this one is set entirely in the late-'30s milieu that birthed the Bat, pitting him against one of his original baddies, Dr. Hugo Strange. What's notable to me is how, in just two minutes-and-change of traditional animation, Timm manages to pack in more drama and dynamism than however many episodes of the now-cancelled CGI series Beware the Batman could muster last year. Oh, and is that Kevn Conroy's voice I hear? Could be. Check it out after the jump:

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