Monday, March 24, 2014

The Future is Now With New X-Men Trailer

Considering the mountain of promos, teasers, and clips that both Sony and Marvel have been inundating us with to hype their upcoming Spider-Man (due one month) and Captain America (due in two weeks) sequels, the marketing machine for Fox's upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past has been positively sedate in comparison. There was the well-received teaser trailer last fall, and then...nothing. Considering that this thing is due to open in over Memorial Day weekend -- less than three months away -- that's either a mark of confidence on Fox's part, or a sign of deep embarrassment.

I suspect your interpretation of that silence will vary greatly depending on your fondness for the franchise. From my end, I've been generally impressed with whatever I've seen of the Bryan Singer-directed jam pic so far, and today's release of the full (final?) trailer continues that trend. This is definitely the most ambitious of all seven X-flicks thus far, with a budget to match that ambition, and my sense is that Fox is feeling pretty good about their chances with this one. Check out the new poster to the right, then catch the vid after the jump, and you tell me:

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