Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The Best Lex We Ever Had?

Given the "bigness" of this news, and given the type of stuff I normally cover here, I'm a little embarrassed that I plum forgot to post on this until now. In case you were in a bomb shelter last Friday and didn't hear the Internet exploding into pieces (again), Warner Bros. has revealed who they've lined up for the crucial role of main Superman baddie Lex Luthor in 2016's Man of Steel sequel. After the rumor mill had been working overtime since last summer pumping out obvious names like Bryan Cranston, longshots like Denzel Washington, and out-of-the-box picks like Joaquin Phoenix, you could almost hear the air go out of the balloon when it was announced that actor Jesse Eisenberg had landed the coveted role of the bald-pated billionaire baddie.

In fact, such a prolonged head-scratch did this provoke across the web that it pretty much negated the companion news that consummate Brit Jeremy Irons is going to fill the role of manservant Alfred Pennyworth to Ben Affleck's Batman. Personally, I have no problems with Eisenberg as a performer. I liked him in Zombieland, and I liked him in The Social Network (for which he garnered an Oscar nom). But with the sort of stunted, social weirdos he's built his rep from playing, I just have a hard time seeing him embody the personal charisma I think is an integral part of Luthor (then again, previous Lex Kevin Spacey has bags of charisma, but he left most of it at home for his take). As with most of these things, I'm willing to take a wait-and-see, and Max Buxton over at CBR lays out his case for why everyone should leave let Lex be.

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