Friday, February 28, 2014


While Marvel Studios is busy populating the big screen with the many denizens of its comic book universe, DC Comics seems to be taking the same approach on television. To wit, here's our first look at actor Grant Gustin, wearing the trademark red-and-gold duds of the titular hero in the CW's upcoming The Flash, itself a spin-off of the net's popular Green Arrow skein Arrow, now in its third year. A lot of the pipe for Flash was laid earlier this season on Arrow via a multi-episode arc that brought Gustin's Barry Allen, a forensic detective by trade, to Arrow's home turf of Starling City. That storyline culminated in Allen receiving a lightning-charged electro-chemical bath that leaves his feet feeling extra fleet, which in turn leads directly into this pilot. While we don't know much beyond the pic above, this project is certainly off to a promising start, with a lineup of solid supporting players that includes Law & Order's Jesse L. Martin, not to mention TV's original Flash, John Wesley Shipp in a potentially recurring role. More word on this (and hopefully a full-body pic of the suit) as soon as it hits.

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