Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Michael Douglas Adds to Ant-Man's Legacy

While Marvel Studios’ Avengers franchise (and appendages) tends to garner the most ink, I have to say I find development on the studios’ secondary properties far more fascinating, as it demonstrates their willingness to continually expand the boundaries of what we can expect from the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s Guardians of the Galaxy on the way later this year – adding into the mix a twist of deep-space derring-do in the Star Wars vein – and then we have Ant-Man debuting in July of 2015, written and directed by Edgar Wright and starring Paul Rudd in the title role, which promises to… well, I’m not entirely sure what it promises, but the mere fact that we’re getting an Edgar Wright flick in the same world as The Avengers has my mind awash with the possibilities.

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