Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jay: Talking

We're now just over a week away from Jay Leno abdicating his late night perch as host of The Tonight Show for the second time, with oncoming emcee Jimmy Fallon yanking the venerable yakker back to its ancestral home in New York City when he debuts on February 17. Given that this is the wind-down period for his long late night run, Leno's been making the media rounds of late, and a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter covers a lot of ground that's sure to be of interest for folks like me who follow this stuff, including what finally got him to leave, what he thinks of the potshots from rival hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, and what his relationship with Conan O'Brien is like these days. Leno emerged as very much the goat after the last late night kerfuffle four years ago, but the ratings history since that time, both for Jay and for Conan, certainly lends credence to the idea that things happened the only way they could.

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