Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nostalgia Theater Extra: Year in Review 2013

Well, the first of January is barreling towards us at a fast clip, and that means we've got 52 new Nostalgia Theater entries to add to the ol' archives. So, just as we did last year, let's take a look back at the most popular entries of the year that's now coming to a close. Only this time, instead of limiting it to five, we'll expand things out to look at the top ten as we count down to the big number one...

10) Kenner's Jurassic Park -- Merchandise 65 Million Years in the Making

My "through the time machine" experience with the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park last April launched me into several weeks of dino-themed posts, including this look back at all the toys I wasn't allowed to buy.

9) The Pretender Among Us

I really loved this show when I was a kid, and I was gratified to know so many other folks had similar fond memories of it.

8) Oh Brother, Simon & Simon

The CBS skein about the bickering PI siblings remains a mainstay in a lot of folks' central cortexes, so I'm not terribly surprised that so many folks wanted to reminisce with me on this one.

7) TV's Gung Ho Gets the Heave-Ho

Now this on the other hand, I have absolutely no explanation for. A well-liked Michael Keaton flick turns into a little-seen Scott Bakula show, which in turn leads to a much-read Nostalgia Theater post. Figure that one out.

6) Buck Rogers -- The 25th Century By Way of the 1970s

I enjoyed tossing water balloons at producer Glen A. Larson's cheesy Star Wars-wannabe -- almost as much as I enjoy watching the show itself!

5) Oh Boy, Quantum Leap!

Rare are the shows that measure up to your memories of them. Quantum Leap is one of the few, the proud. "Oh boy" is right.

4) Cadillacs & Dinosaurs -- Where the Rubber Meets the Roar

 I alluded to my run of dinosaur posts earlier, and while this and this also garnered a fair number of eyeballs, it was clearly my look back at this gone-too-soon animated series that got the most (wait for it) traction.

3) Jackson, Jordan, and Gretzky are ProStars -- "It's All About Helping Kids"

The slammin', jammin', very first Nostalgia Theater of the year also ended up being one of the slammin', jammin', most popular Nostalgia Theaters of the year as well. I have no idea why.

2) The Many Crappy Lives of Knight Rider, Part I -- The Crappy Original

While I'm occasionally caught off guard by the mileage some of these things get, this one was pure calculation on my part. I knew it'd take off, and I was relieved when it spoke to people (I'd like to believe people heard William Daniels' voice in their head while they read it).

Aaaaaaand, the number one Nostalgia Theater of 2013 is.....

1) Miami Vice -- Cool Cops, Hot Town, Dated Show

What can I say. People love their Nostalgia Theater day-glo and pastel flavored, with some Phil Collins playing in the background for mood.

And that's 2013's top ten, but there's plenty more Nostalgia Theater for you to go back in time with, so click on through to my archive and enjoy!

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