Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nostalgia Theater: The Disney Afternoon Dominates Weekdays

Think of today's Nostalgia Theater as a tease for things to come. After making some headway during the late '80s in syndicated animation with offerings such as Duck Tales and Chip 'n' Dales Rescue Rangers, the Disney company went all in, selling four animated series as one two hour chunk to air on local stations in after-school slots. This block, known as The Disney Afternoon, first aired in fall of 1990, and I'm willing to wager that anyone who came of age during that era has fond memories of these shows.

With the aforementioned Duck Tales and Chip 'n' Dale occupying the middle hour in that initial lineup, Disney's Gummi Bears had the lead-off slot, and Tale Spin (a new twist on characters from Disney's Jungle Book) closed the afternoon out. While the Mouse House would switch the shows out every year between its debut and when the block was retired in 1997, we'll spend some time in coming weeks looking at the individual offerings. In the meantime, take a trip back in time with the intro from the very first iteration of The Disney Afternoon:

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