Thursday, December 05, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spins First Trailer

I thought Sony's 2012 reboot The Amazing Spider-Man was a lot better than it probably had any right to be -- especially given that no one was particularly asking for a reboot for this series. As such I've been monitoring casting and production news on the upcoming sequel, again directed by Marc Webb, with a fair degree of interest. With the film due to drop next year in the traditional "Marvel" slot the first weekend of May, it's understandable that we're now starting to see the marketing campaign kick in. To wit, here's the teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

My first reaction is to wonder why we went through a reboot at all, given that this feels like it could just as well be Spider-Man 5 as Amazing 2. They've also clearly learned (the wrong?) lessons from the super-villain jam in Spider-Man 3. From what I see here, we've got Jamie Foxx's Electro, Paul Giamatti's Rhino, Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn/some kind of Goblin, plus Chris Cooper as Norman Osborn, plus allusions to Doctor Octopus and the Vulture. Oh, and Andrew Garfield is back as Spidey. That too. Not turned off by this, but neither am I really blown away either. Let's see if the needle moves for me in the coming months.

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