Friday, November 15, 2013

Recommended Reading

For all the stumbling about that's characterized the launch of the Affordable Care Act until now, the central issue beyond the functionality of the website remains what the law itself offers, which is a marked shift from the pre-ACA status quo. This used to be a status quo that Republicans and Democrats alike were united in opposition to, but it's now become a stark partisan breach, the differences of which are cleanly broken down by Jonathan Chait:
Here is the basic ideological division. Obama wants the health-care system to do more to pool risk — which is to say, to shift the burden of covering the sick onto the healthy. Republicans want it to do less to pool risk, so that healthy people can be free of the burden of subsidizing the costs of those less medically fortunate.
In other words, let social Darwinism do its thing. I'd say "'nuff said" here, but there's actually plenty more to say, and you can read it here.

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