Sunday, September 01, 2013

Nostalgia Theater: Terminator 2 Action Figures -- He's Back!

Whenever I look back at old, inappropriate toy lines here in Nostalgia Theater, I'm amused by the very different perspectives I had as a bright-eyed kid compared to where I'm at now as a groggy, paranoid oldster. Case in point, Terminator 2 action figures. I saw T2 the movie right when it came out in 1991, meaning I was eleven or twelve years old. Way too young, in other words. At least, that's what I think now, as a parent of three boys.

Back then though, heck, all I wanted after watching (and watching, and watching, and watching) that flick was my very own Terminator action figure(s) to play with. But alas, what toymaker would possibly produce toys based on a hard-R flick that clearly wasn't aimed in any way at young, impressionable children? Ah, little did I realize that the go-to toymaker for '80s excess in plastic form, Kenner, had already happily obliged me and snaked up the T2 license. And so, on my family's trip to the States in early '92, I saw this:

My favorite part is the weird pompadour thing the Terminator endoskeleton has when you pop off his human face, making him look sort of like this guy from the movie They Live. I'm also pretty sure that's not a feature the movie version ever exhibited. Regardless, Kenner cranked out a whole mess of Terminator figures between '91 and '97. Power-Arm Terminator! Secret Weapon Terminator! Techno Punch Terminator! All, as the packaging helpfully reminded us, for kids ages 4 and up. The target demo, apparently. They sucked. Every single one. And yet I'd have bought them all if I could have.

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