Friday, September 27, 2013

Measure of Success

This is pretty neat. Nineteen years ago this month, I joined my high school's newspaper, The North Current, mainly because I wasn't involved in any extracurricular stuff, and I figured it'd be nice to do something where I could make some friends and maybe even be productive. The unforeseen aftereffect of my involvement with the paper (which lasted from my sophomore year until my graduation) is that I can pretty much draw a straight line from working on the Current to what I'm up to now vis-a-vis this blog, my writing, my show, etc. Anyway, Chelsea Hammersmith, the current Current EIC, reached out to me a few weeks ago to reflect on my time with the paper lo those many (many, many, many...) moons ago, and here's what I said, starting on page 14. Truly, high school Zaki is slapping me a high five across the gaping chasm of time and space.

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