Friday, September 06, 2013

First Trailer for RoboCop Remake

Waaaay back last September, I posted our first look at what actor Joel Kinnaman looks like as the titular police officer in MGM's upcoming remake/reboot of the RoboCop franchise. Since then things have been a little on the quiet side PR-wise, but with the film due to hit theaters on February 7 of next year, just over five months from now, the marketing machine (no pun intended) is starting to whir and hum for the new Future of Law Enforcement, beginning with yesterday's release of the first trailer. My initial reaction, having now watched it a handful of times, is that I'm...intrigued.

Not necessarily optimistic yet, given that I still stand by my earlier reservations about the need to remake the movie at all, but I do like that director Jose Padilha was as good as his word that this thing would go in completely different story directions while still retaining the core of dark humor and social commentary. I can't speak to how well Kinnaman acquits himself yet, but it sure helps to have Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Keaton (in one of his rare bi-annual appearances) as part of the cast. Check out the trailer after the jump, then click over to Hero Complex for a new extended interview with Padilha.

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