Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Broken Trek?

The big budget, big expectations sequel Star Trek Into Darkness hit home vid yesterday, and although I wasn't crazy about it (as you may recall from my review last May), my single downcast thumb hardly signals the end of the line. After all, the flick's global haul of $460+ mil more than guarantees at least a third go at the rebooted series, and with director J. J. Abrams off to pay homage to that galaxy far, far away, it allows another helmer with another vision to potentially offer their take on the 23rd century exploits of the good ship Enterprise. So yeah, "broken" may be too strong a word. Or, if you're Joseph Dickerson over at TrekMovie, it's exactly the right word, as he lays out a pretty solid case for the adjustments and tweaks that need to be made if Trek is expected to keep boldly going (and as a bonus, co-screenwriter Bob Orci even pipes up in the comments section to defend his take on the franchise).

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