Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boehner Caves to Tea Party

Yesterday, John Boehner announced that he was putting his support behind a Tea Party effort to tie funding the government with defunding the Affordable Care Act. This has been a conservative pipe dream for awhile now (bolstered by the Senate's nuttiest nutter Ted Cruz) but it was always brushed off as a delusional tilt given the impenetrable legislative wall such an effort would face (namely, after passing the House, it would die in the Senate and/or be vetoed by the president).

Seeing as how that the president's healthcare law has been signed into law, survived a legal challenge at the Supreme Court, and been bolstered by his re-election, you'd think the Tea Party crowd would recognize the better part of governance, but this is the Tea Party crowd, after all, and so here we sit, on the cusp of a government shutdown. Interesting times. Dave Weigel at Slate has a solid rundown of how we got to this point, and what the potential endgame might be for the GOP.

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