Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nostalgia Theater: Nintendo Cereal -- It's For Breakfast Now!

When the Nintendo Entertainment System hit US shelves in '87, it took the nation by storm, leaving previous consoles like the Atari 2600 in the dustbin of history. The NES was really a quantum leap forward for video games at the time, ensnaring an entire generation in its 8-bit graphics and catchy MIDI tunes. It wasn't just games, though. I was living in Saudi at the time, so the whole thing passed me by until I visited the States in summer of '89, and saw "Nintendo" branding everywhere. And I mean everywhere. T-shirts. Cartoon shows. Even the breakfast aisle!

In perhaps the nadir of our societal Nintendo-philia, cereal/pet food maker Ralston Purina put together the Nintendo Cereal System in 1988, which had the benefit of being "two cereals in one. Wow!" I never tried it, but given that Ralton (since bought out by Nestle) specialized in licensed cereals that tasted like generic crap (I did buy box upon box of their Batman cereal that same summer), I'd assume there wasn't much there there. I also wouldn't put much hope in it being part of a balanced breakfast. Nintendo Cereal didn't last long, but I do remember the commercials, and I expect a lot of others do as well:

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