Thursday, August 08, 2013

Christie Too Pro-Muslim for GOP?

All this time I'd been assuming that NJ Governor Chris Christie was pretty much a lock to be, if not the nominee, certainly the frontrunner for the GOP's 2016 presidential ticket. But as Alex Pareene explains, the one hiccup interrupting that assumption is that Christie would need to be nominated by Republica base voters, who tend to prefer a tad more Islamophobia in their candidates than Christie has demonstrated as of yet:
One (particularly vile) segment of the right hates him for one of Christie’s unambiguously admirable acts: standing up to virulent Islamophobia. Unfortunately, virulent Islamophobia is very, very popular on the right, tolerated at the highest levels and encouraged by even the most respectable media outlets of the conservative movement. Mitt Romney counted John Bolton, ally of raving anti-Muslim loons Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, as a “foreign policy adviser. “Shariah law” hysteria has taken hold at Republican-run legislatures across the nation. These people are prepared to go to war to prevent Christie from being the nominee. They will (and have) essentially call him a terrorist sympathizer.
I'm not saying I'd vote for the guy, necessarily, but it sure says something when the mere act of standing against discrimination toward a minority group (of fellow Americans!) renders you unpalatable to an entire party's decision-makers. Read more here.

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