Sunday, July 21, 2013

Supes and Bats Meet on the Big Screen in 2015

As you know, I really dug last month's Man of Steel, but the reaction to that flick among both fans and non-fans has been about as polarizing as anything I've ever seen. Nonetheless, with the film rapidly approaching a $700 mil global haul against a $225 mil budget, a sequel was pretty much a foregone conclusion, especially given Warner Bros.' well-documented designs on spinning their various DC Comics IPs into a shared movie universe a la Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thus, while expectations were for a Man of Steel sequel announcement at yesterday's big Hall H panel at the San Diego Comicon, I think most folks were taken aback by what that announcement actually entailed. Rather than go the standard solo follow-up route, the DC Entertainment braintrust has decided to fast-track their team-up plans by pairing Henry Cavill's Superman with a rebooted Batman for a Superman/Batman project to be released in summer of 2015 (aka "Nerd-pocalypse").

With the Man of Steel writer-director team of Zack Snyder and David Goyer reprising those duties, the plan is to pick up on threads from the first film, thought I worry that with Bats around, Supes will feel like a guest star in his own movie. While my pref would have been to spend a bit more time establishing Superman and his universe first (for some reason this makes me feel like WB execs don't believe in the character's ability to draw an audience) I definitely prefer a twofer to jumping right to Justice League (which I assume is still in the works).

We'll be talking about this more on next week's MovieFilm Podcast, and naturally there'll be plenty to discuss about it as development continues (the big one being which actor will don the pointy ears since Christian Bale has categorically removed himself from the running).

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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