Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ranger Danger

As I alluded to in Sunday's Nostalgia Theater, this past weekend saw Disney's much-hyped, mega-budget adaptation of The Lone Ranger flame out at the box office, taking in an unseemly $48 million over the five day weekend, which makes the road to profitability seem nigh-insurmountable given the $250 mil that the Mouse House reportedly dropped on the Johnny Depp starrer. As you know, I dug the flick quite a bit, and have been frustrated at the dogpile it's been engendering all week, mostly from people who clearly haven't seen the movie ( though I do have to give it up for this very funny Onion piece).

Nonetheless, there are some real reasons that Ranger failed to find a love connection with modern auds, and Scott Mendelson over at Forbes lays out a pretty good case that what went wrong with this film wasn't its subject matter or setting, but rather the ungodly amount of money it cost to bring what's ostensibly a franchise-starter to the screen. I voiced the exact same concern on the MovieFilm Podcast over Man of Steel, which cost somewhere in the same vicinity as Lone Ranger, and is thus just as fraught with peril going forward. As Mendelson says perfectly in the article, “Don’t spend Return of the King money on Fellowship of the Ring”. Read all of his analysis here.

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