Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ramadan Reading

As I mentioned last week, Muslims follow a lunar calendar, which means that the months move back every year, which in turn means that all Muslims experience very short and very long Ramadans at least twice during their lives. We're in a "long Ramadan" phase for the next several years, with eighteen hour fasts in the midst of summer pretty much the norm. I'm not trying to complain about it, because obviously there are people out there who have things far, far worse than not being able to eat and drink for two thirds of the day, and part of the whole point of Ramadan is to increase our awareness of what they're going through. Still, I don't think it's talking out of turn to say that some days are easier than others. Here's a very nice piece by my friend Hesham Hassaballa about how he approaches it.

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