Thursday, July 18, 2013

From The Onion...

I don't usually do two Onion posts in a week, but this one made laugh out loud too hard not to share it. America's Finest News Source on Secretary of State John Kerry's intentions in the Mid-East:
Man Who Couldn’t Defeat George W. Bush Attempting To Resolve Israel-Palestine Conflict
From the piece:
“We are confident that [this person who managed to win just 19 states against George W. Bush, even in the midst of two highly unpopular and costly foreign wars] will be able to establish a framework to bring about lasting peace in the Middle East,” said State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, stating that the diplomat, who was actually deemed by the American populace to be a worse option than four more years of an administration led by a former baseball team owner and Dick Cheney, could provide the leadership necessary to resolve the bitter, bloody conflict that has raged for more than six decades.
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