Saturday, July 13, 2013

From The Onion...

Insurance Company Gets F___ed Over By Another Cancer Patient
From the piece:
“We got the first bill and just couldn’t believe how expensive it was,” said Blue Cross Blue Shield CEO Scott Serota, adding that at first, he thought the invoice was a mistake. “Every visit to the oncologist ran about $140, not to mention the thousands of dollars for every MRI and CT scan, and then the chemotherapy and cancer drugs were more than $10,000 per month. And he paid for maybe—maybe—5 percent of it. The rest was dumped on us.” 
“It’s absolute f___ing bullshit,” Serota continued. “I can’t believe they’re just allowed to get away with that.” 
According to reports, Blue Cross Blue Shield’s expenses have only gotten more unreasonable since Greison was first diagnosed with the life-threatening disease this past March. After an initially successful chemotherapy treatment, the health insurance company was reportedly informed that the cancer was no longer in remission and was forced to pay over $125,000 for a further two weeks of inpatient care in a hospital. 
Sources confirmed that such headaches for insurance companies are unfortunately incredibly common when dealing with any cancer patient.
Read the rest here and laugh -- then cry.

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