Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SCOTUS and the Voting Rights Act

Earlier this morning the Supreme Court unleashed its decision in the case of "Shelby County v. Holder," which had at its center a question regarding the overall Constitutionality of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, passed during the Johnson Administration, which has allowed countless minorities to overcome the systemic roadblocks that had been put in place (primarily in the South) to prevent their inclusion in the democratic process.

In its 5-4 decision today, the SCOTUS struck down a key tenet of the VRA that, in essence, makes the entire law that much harder to uphold. Naturally, the usual suspects on the right have heralded this as a victory for the states (primarily southern, many of which were held back from enacting several draconian voter ID measures thanks to the the Justice Department enforcing the VRA). That said, Joshua Green at Bloomberg Business is pretty confident that, while this decision is being heralded right now, it'll end up a "poison chalice" for the GOP.

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