Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Buh-Bye Bachmann

In what can only be considered a major blow to late night comedians and comedy writers from sea to shining sea, Tea Party favorite Michele Bachman has this morning announced her resignation from congress following this term. The Minnesota congresswoman first rose to national prominence during the '08 campaign, just five short years ago, thanks to an ill-timed (or perfectly-timed, depending on your vantage point) appearance on MSNBC's Hardball wherein she loosed a hilarious, McCarthy-esque tirade against then-Senator Obama as well as other congressional Dems. That appearance, coming at the tail end of her first congressional term, instantly marked Bachmann as a piñata for the left, and a cause célèbre on the far right. Certainly, her unhinged Islamophobia made her a regular fixture hereabouts.

The hits kept coming from there, of course, with Bachmann (she of Newsweek's infamous "crazy eyes" cover, to the right) reliably bringing the nutty whenever there was a camera nearby. It tells you something about the state of the party around her that she was (for a brief instant, anyway) the frontrunner for the Republican nod during the last election cycle. I'd love to say that her vacating the seat signals an end to the blindly ideological, nonstop partisanship that was her forte, but let's be real here. The House's entire Republican caucus has long since been subsumed by Bachmann-esque rhetoric, to the point that her absence will barely be felt. Still, as she begins that long walk into obscurity (or, more likely, a "talking head" job at Fox News), let us look back at some of Congresswoman Bachmann's dizziest dictums, as compiled by Sahil Kapur over at TPM.

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