Monday, May 20, 2013

Analyzing Trek's Box Office Flail

This past weekend, Star Trek Into Darkness should have warped off to a $100 million-plus at the box office, at least if pre-release hype from Paramount was to be believed, but instead it netted a less impressive (though hardly insubstantial) $85 million over its opening four days, with its three day total coming in slightly under the much-ballyhooed reboot from '09. A worrisome sign if the flick has any hopes of recouping its $190 mil budget domestically.

Now, my Grumpy Old Fan review notwithstanding, this really should have opened higher, especially when you factor in the box office behavior of most recent franchise films. So, what happened, exactly? Here's an analysis by Christopher Rosen at HuffPo on some of the factors that may have led to the drop -- and why there might be trouble ahead at the till, especially with the duel onslaught of Hangover 3 and Fast 6 arriving this week. Brian Hall and I also discussed this at some length in the latest MovieFilm show, including echoing some of Rosen's points. You can listen for that when the show drops tomorrow morning (apologies for the was unavoidable with this one).

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