Wednesday, April 24, 2013

From The Onion...

Tips For Passing Gun Control Legislation
Geez, they make it sound so easy...
- Write gun control legislation. Pass gun control legislation. 
- Before voting on gun control bill, try, if you can, to remember any recent examples in which guns - have been used to kill innocent people. 
- Acknowledge that it’s going to be hard to buck the pressure of the high-powered gun lobby, but not that f***ing hard, dumbass. 
- Consider if overwhelming public support for a particular measure is something you want to be associated with or not. 
- Inform your decision by researching whether guns are good or bad when placed in the wrong hands. 
- Muster everything that’s left in your black, desiccated heart to do something that might actually be of service to someone other than yourself. 
- Carefully assess the other side of the argument wherein mentally unstable people can buy weapons at a gun show with no problem whatsoever, and then realize there is no other side of this argument. 
- Put on your stupid little suit, run a comb through your greasy hair, go to the U.S Capitol building, pick up your fancy little gold pen, and pass a f***ing gun control bill.

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