Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tonight Shuffle Official?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the noise coming from the industry press that last place network NBC was looking for a repeat of its late night unpleasantness from four years ago by sidelining current Tonight Show host Jay Leno in favor of Jimmy Fallon, who's currently holding the Late Night slot immediately following Tonight. Well, per The New York Times' Bill Carter, whose time in the trenches as the author of two definitive works on the subject makes him the undisputed authority on all things late night, says it's all over but the official announcement vis-a-vis the next Tonight transition.

Per Carter, Leno's current contract, which would take him through fall of '14, will be his last, giving him twenty-plus years at the desk (minus those awkward nine months), and Fallon will take over shortly thereafter. Also per Carter, the Fallon Tonight Show would be the first to be based in NY since Johnny Carson moved it to Cali in '72. Given that Leno is still champion of the time slot even as his network finds new barrels to bottom, I remain perplexed why the Peacock isn't simply letting Jay exit on his own terms. Regardless, there are plenty of other questions that this news raises, most of which Mark Evanier sums up pretty thoroughly.

(Source: The New York Times)

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