Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Phoenix Rising Powers Up

As longtime readers likely know quite well by now, I have an inordinate amount of fondness for Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, a little-seen, much-loved late '80s sci-fi series I gave the Nostalgia Theater treatment to here. Given that fondness, I was super excited to report last fall that a reboot for the property, titled Phoenix Rising, was in the works via concept creator Gary Goddard. Well, it was radio silence for awhile there, but it looks like things have been moving right along on the Phoenix front, with Goddard talking up his vision for the new show's tone, characters, and storylines:
...Phoenix Rising explores life and death issues, issues of what makes humanity different, or better or worse, than thinking machines? We explore the issues first introduced 25 years ago, in what we thought was a “scifi adventure” based on a world that could not really be. 25 years later we see we were close to the future than we thought (hopefully not the apocalyptic part), and so we decided to lock our story into the real events that are transpiring now.
While things are probably a bit early in the development cycle to get too excited about, it's indeed reassuring that the word is out and creatives are starting to line up (including original Power star Tim Dunigan, who would appear in the project as the holographic "Mentor" computer program). Key in the development of Phoenix Rising are sci-fi vets Judith and Gar Reeves-Stevens, who have a list of writing credits as long as my arm, and who penned some of the best episodes in Star Trek: Enterprise's too-short run. Here's their take:
...while the series bumps up the stakes with phenomenal action, its underlying themes are firmly grounded in present-day reality. Phoenix Rising is no longer science fiction, it's predictive fiction, and its stories and issues have never been more relatable, which is why we love it.
Sounds promising. They've definitely got the right approach to make the underlying concept palatable to an audience that's very likely unfamiliar with its original iteration. Naturally, I'll be doing my level best to post all the news I can find on Phoenix Rising as it continues to develop, but we're definitely off to a good start so far. Let's  see where it goes from here, and whether or not Captain Power will ever again get to "Power on." And if you haven't already, be sure to check out the original series on DVD!

(Source: io9)

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