Monday, March 11, 2013

In Memory Yet Ewing

Tonight's episode of TNT's Dallas marks the end of an era. And while that's a phrase that's bandied about so lackadaisically these days that it's lost a great deal of its import, there's no better way to describe this. When we bid farewell to series star Larry Hagman in November after the veteran actor succumbed to cancer, we knew with a feeling of sad inevitability that before too long the time would come to say goodbye to his outsize alter ego, J.R. Ewing. With the closing seconds of last week's ep bringing the curtain down on more than three decades of Texas-style villainy, tonight's episode is tasked with bringing closure both to the characters and to us in the audience. While I eulogized Hagman last fall, I can't think of a better exaltation for J.R. than this one. Not gonna lie, it made me a little misty.

(Source: The Dallas Decoder)

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