Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Final Iron Man 3 Trailer Amps Up

When Iron Man 2 came out three years ago, one complaint that often came up was that it seemed inconsequential, as if it was marking time until The Avengers brought the real fireworks. While I didn't dislike part two quite as much as others, that's a complaint that basically holds up. It was, and it was. Even though there was plenty of action and whatnot, in comic book terms Iron Man 2 felt sort of like the filler issue you get in-between major storylines.

Well, based on this new, final look at Iron Man 3 before it makes its bow in less than two months, "inconsequentiality" doesn't look like a brickbat that can easily be lobbed at this one. After sitting out the first two flicks, it looks like Tony Stark's definitive baddie, The Mandarin, is making up for lost time, and making things hellish for Tony Stark in the process. With star Robert Downey openly wondering recently how much longer he'll be wearing the bionic britches, this trailer just re-emphasizes how it'll be pretty darn difficult for anyone else to replace Downey when that time finally comes.

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